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Visual Basic Essentials Free eBook Download


Visual Basic Essentials Free eBook Download

Visual Basic Essentials Free eBook Download

Free online book “Visual Basic Essentials” is intended to be of use to both novices looking to learn Visual Basic, and to those proficient in other languages that plan to cross-train from other programming languages.


Visual Basic Essentials begins with instruction on designing Windows forms in Visual Studio including tasks such as designing menu systems and toolbars and wiring up event procedures. The book then introduces the basic concepts of the Visual Basic language covering concepts such as Visual Basic variable types, looping, flow control, functions and subroutines. Once the basics are covered, topics such as single and mutli-dimensional arrays, string handling, file I/O and date and time manipulation are explained. Finally, more advanced topics such as Visual Basic object oriented programming, database access and graphics drawing are detailed.

Table of Contents

  • Downloading and Installing Visual Studio
  • Creating a New Visual Basic Project
  • A Simple Visual Basic Example
  • Visual Basic and Windows Forms
  • Designing Forms in Visual Studio
  • Understanding Visual Basic Events
  • Hiding and Showing Forms in Visual Basic
  • Creating a Visual Basic MDI Form
  • Creating Top-Level Menus in Visual Basic
  • Creating Context Menus in Visual Basic
  • Building a Visual Basic Toolbar
  • How to Build a Visual Basic Status Bar
  • Understanding Visual Basic Modules and Procedures
  • Understanding Visual Basic Variable and Constant Types
  • Declaring Visual Basic Variables and Constants
  • Visual Basic Arithmetic Basics
  • Visual Basic Comparison and Logic
  • Building Visual Basic Flow Control
  • Visual Basic For Loops
  • Visual Basic Do … Loops
  • Working with Visual Basic Arrays
  • Visual Basic Multidimensional Arrays
  • Working with Dates and Times in Visual Basic
  • Working with Strings in Visual Basic
  • An Overview of Object Oriented Programming with Visual Basic
  • How to Access Databases Using Visual Basic
  • Visual Basic and the DataGridView Control
  • Working with Files in Visual Basic
  • Working with Directories in Visual Basic
  • How to Draw Graphics in Visual Basic

Visual Basic Essentials Free eBook Download

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