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Understanding Linux Network Internals Free PDF


Understanding Linux Network Internals Free PDF

Understanding Linux Network Internals Free PDF

Understanding Linux Network Internals Free PDF


Understanding Linux Network Internals
By Christian Benvenuti
Publisher: O’Reilly
Pub Date: December 2005
ISBN: 0-596-00255-6
Pages: 1062


On the off chance that you’ve ever thought about how Linux completes the confounded undertakings alloted to it by the IP conventions – or in the event that you simply need to find out about current systems administration through genuine cases – Understanding Linux Network Internals is for you.

Like the famous O’Reilly book, Understanding the Linux Kernel, this book obviously clarifies the hidden ideas and shows you how to take after the real C code that executes it. Albeit some foundation in the TCP/IP conventions is useful, you can take in an extraordinary arrangement from this content about the conventions themselves and their employments. Furthermore, in the event that you as of now have a base learning of C, you can utilize the book’s code walkthroughs to make sense of precisely what this modern part of the Linux bit is doing.

Part of the trouble in comprehension systems – and actualizing them – is that the undertakings are separated and performed at a wide range of times by various bits of code. One of the qualities of this book is to incorporate the pieces and uncover the connections between far-flung capacities and information structures. Understanding Linux Network Internals is both a major picture dialog and a simple manual for the subtle elements of Linux systems administration. Points include:

Key issues with systems administration

System interface card (NIC) gadget drivers

Framework instatement

Layer 2 (join layer) undertakings and execution

Layer 3 (IPv4) undertakings and execution

Neighbor base and conventions (ARP)




Creator Christian Benvenuti, a working framework planner having some expertise in systems administration, clarifies a great deal more than how Linux code functions. He demonstrates the motivations behind major systems administration highlights and the exchange offs included in picking one arrangement over another. An expansive number of flowcharts and different outlines upgrade the book’s understandability.


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Critical Data Structures
Chapter 3 User-Space-to-Kernel Interface
Chapter 4 Notification Chains
Chapter 5 Network Device Initialization
Chapter 6 The PCI Layer and Network Interface Cards
Chapter 7 Kernel Infrastructure for Component Initialization
Chapter 8 Device Registration and Initialization
Chapter 9 Interrupts and Network Drivers
Chapter 10 Frame Reception
Chapter 11 Frame Transmission
Chapter 12 General and Reference Material About Interrupts
Chapter 13 Protocol Handlers
Chapter 14 Bridging: Concepts
Chapter 15 Bridging: The Spanning Tree Protocol
Chapter 16 Bridging: Linux Implementation
Chapter 17 Bridging: Miscellaneous Topics
Chapter 18 Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4): Concepts
Chapter 19 Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4): Linux Foundations and Features
Chapter 20 Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4): Forwarding and Local Delivery
Chapter 21 Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4): Transmission
Chapter 22 Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4): Handling Fragmentation
Chapter 23 Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4): Miscellaneous Topics
Chapter 24 Layer Four Protocol and Raw IP Handling
Chapter 25 Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMPv4)
Chapter 26 Neighboring Subsystem: Concepts
Chapter 27 Neighboring Subsystem: Infrastructure
Chapter 28 Neighboring Subsystem: Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
Chapter 29 Neighboring Subsystem: Miscellaneous Topics
Chapter 30 Routing: Concepts
Chapter 31 Routing: Advanced
Chapter 32 Routing: Li nux Implementation
Chapter 33 Routing: The Routing Cache
Chapter 34 Routing: Routing Tables
Chapter 35 Routing: Lookups
Chapter 36 Routing: Miscellaneous Topics

Understanding Linux Network Internals Free PDF


Understanding Linux Network Internals Free PDF

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