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The PEAR Installer Manifesto eBook free download


The PEAR Installer Manifesto eBook free download

The PEAR Installer Manifesto eBook free download

The PEAR Installer Manifesto eBook free download

Free ebook “The PEAR Installer Manifesto” from Packt Publishing. PEAR Installer is the preferred PHP software for installing PHP components.


It can be used to easily ensure that the most powerful and up to date php software is installed and working on your server. This book reveals the full power of the PEAR Installer, presenting a new way of organizing your PHP application development and deployment. Click “Add free ebook to your account” button.

This book is a comprehensive and well structured tutorial on using PEAR Installer, but it is also much more than that. As the creator of the latest versions of the PEAR Installer (1.4.0+) , the author is passionate about the benefits of a well managed development and deployment process. The book shows how the PEAR Installer works in detail, and then takes you through a comprehensive tour of how you can apply it all stages of the development lifecycle, with practical examples and advice throughout. It will build your technical skills and understanding, and also widen your perspective on managing an effective development process.

Table of Contents

  • Acquiring PEAR: What is it and How do I Get It?
  • Mastering PHP Software Management with the PEAR Installer
  • Leveraging Full Application Support with the PEAR Installer
  • Clever Website Coordination Using the PEAR Installer
  • Releasing to the World: PEAR Channels
  • Embedding the PEAR Installer: Designing a Custom Plug-In System

Book Details

Author(s): Gregory Beaver
Format(s): PDF
File size: 5.40 MB
Number of pages: 300

The PEAR Installer Manifesto eBook free download


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