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Samba-3 by Example 2nd Edition eBook free download


Samba-3 by Example 2nd Edition eBook free download

Free eBook: Samba-3 by Example 2nd Edition

Free eBook “Samba-3 by Example: Practical Exercises to Successful Deployment, 2nd Edition” from Bruce Perens’ Open Source Series. The definitive Samba-3 guidebook has been completely updated to reflect the latest Samba releases and migration techniques.


This book is your means to the straight path. It provides step-by-step, proven, working examples of Samba deployments. If you want to deploy Samba-3 with the least effort, or if you want to become an expert at deploying Samba-3 without having to search through lots of documentation, this book is the ticket to your destination.

The focus of attention in this book is Samba-3. Specific notes are made in respect of how Samba may be made secure. This book does not attempt to provide detailed information regarding secure operation and configuration of peripheral services and applications such as OpenLDAP, DNS and DHCP, the need for which can be met from other resources that are dedicated to the subject.

Table of Contents

  • No-Frills Samba Servers
  • Small Office Networking
  • Secure Office Networking
  • The 500-User Office
  • Making Happy Users
  • A Distributed 2000-User Network
  • Adding Domain Member Servers And Clients
  • Updating Samba-3
  • Migrating Nt4 Domain To Samba-3
  • Migrating Netware Server To Samba-3
  • Active Directory, Kerberos, And Security
  • Integrating Additional Services
  • Performance, Reliability, And Availability
  • Samba Support
  • A Collection Of Useful Tidbits
  • Networking Primer

Book Details

Author(s): John H. Terpstra
Format(s): PDF
File size: 4.17 MB
Number of pages: 512

Samba-3 by Example 2nd Edition eBook free download


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