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Revisiting C# Download Free Book


Revisiting C# Download Free Book


Revisiting C# Download Free Book

Free eBook “Revisiting C#” by Anoop Madhusudanan. This book is intended to be a value-adding reading material for beginner to intermediate C# programmers. It may also be used for accelerating the learning about new and upcoming features in C#, and also to get an introduction to new libraries in .NET.


You may find random articlesand alternate perspectives related to various aspects of C# -ranging from delegates, lambdas, fluent interfaces, dynamicfeatures etc. with practical examples.

Table of Contents

  • Revisiting Delegates, Anonymous Methods, and Lambdas
  • Creating Fluent Interfaces In C#
  • Anonymous Types in C# and Object Initializer Syntax
  • Type Inference in Generic Methods
  • The Case Of switch-case in C#
  • C# 4.0 dynamic Features – Under the hood
  • Mr ExpandoObject in C# 4.0
  • C# Enums – A Second Look
  • Top 5 Developer Mistakes C# Developers Should Not Commit
  • 4 NET 4.0 Libraries You Should Know About

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Revisiting C# Download Free Book

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