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Responsive Web Development using Bootstrap by Jake Spurlock


Responsive Web Development using Bootstrap by Jake Spurlock


 Responsive Web Development using Bootstrap by Jake Spurlock

Bootstrap is a front-end framework for building responsive websites. Whether it is
application frameworks, blogs, or other CMS applications, Bootstrap can be a good fit,
as it can be as vanilla as you like. Its combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript make
it easy to build robust sites without adding a lot of code. With a default grid system,
layouts come together with ease, and the styling of buttons, navs, and tables make basic
markup look great from the get-go. A dozen or so JavaScript plugins catapult you into
adding interactive elements to your site.
Who This Book Is For

This book is mostly for people who have a good handle on HTML/CSS and JavaScript,
and are curious about building responsive sites, adding the Bootstrap JavaScript plugins,
or building sites faster by using this popular open source framework.
Who This Book Is Not For
This book is not for people who get all they need out of the Bootstrap online documentation.
Like a lot of people, the online docs are where I got started—building my
first site with Bootstrap 1.3 and then upgrading it to Bootstrap 1.4. After that, I built a
big project with Bootstrap 2.0, and so on. If you are comfortable writing semantic
HTML, then jumping into Bootstrap should be easy for you.


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