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Professional PHP Programming eBook Free Download
Professional PHP Programming eBook Free Download




Professional PHP Programming eBook Free Download
Here you can find tons of  php books.Over the past years, the net has gone from the preserve of lecturers to the innovative of business.
A large a part of this has been driven by the expansion of the online, with its graphical browsers and high
media profile. The amendment from static HTML pages to dynamic, user interactive shows has been
achieved for the most part by the introduction of scripting technologies.
Working with the standard nomenclature of an online page, scripting languages change shoppers to demand
specific info from their servers, and their servers, in turn, to receive vital user input so as
to method and show information on demand.
In the forefront of this advancement has been the Open supply community, dedicated in providing web based solutions strictly for the love of the technology itself. Open supply isn’t solely regarding free computer code
(though not everything is free anyway), however it’s regarding, because the name suggests, being open regarding the supply
of the code.Professional PHP Programming eBook Free Download
Having free access to the supply implies that authors are forced to stay to standards. If these don’t seem to be
maintained, the deviation is labelled a bug, and if the author does not fix it, somebody else can. Large
numbers of freelance programmers having the ability to know what a program will, and guaranteeing that
standards are maintained, prevents the author from having the ability to use the user, as happens within the commercial computer code world.Professional PHP Programming eBook Free Download.
What will This Book Cover?
PHP, the topic of this book, is associate open supply server-side scripting language that has taken web-based
development to a replacement level of sophistication.
In this book we’ll show you what PHP is, however it simplifies server-side scripting and adds to the
functionality of your sites web development. Here you can find tons of  php books.
In specific, we’ll be observing the subsequent areas:.
❑ The PHP language structure and syntax, as well as its information sorts, operators, statements and
❑ the method of putting in the scripting engine on your server;
❑ The myriad of PHP modules that greatly enhance its capabilities;
❑ Server aspect Programming
❑ sensible case study samples of PHP in action.
Professional PHP Programming eBook Free Download


I. Introduction
   1. About this book
2. Downloading, installing, configuring PHP
3. Programming in a Web environment
II. The Language
4. Variables and data types
5. Operators
6. Expressions and Statements
if … else … elseif
while and do … while
for Error! Bookmark not defined.
require and include
exit Error! Bookmark not defined.
7. Functions
How They Work
Passing Arguments
Variable Scope and Lifetime
Nested Functions and Recursion
Assigning Functions to Variables
8. Arrays
Starting Simply
Looping Through an Array
A Sequentially Indexed Array
Non-sequentially Indexed Arrays
A Few Words About next() and prev()
Associative Arrays
Multi-Dimensional Arrays
Sorting Functions
Using Arrays with Form Elements
9. Objects and OOP
Object-Oriented Programming
Defining a Class
Instantiating the Class
10. String manipulation and regular expressions
    Another interface to dbm – DBA
Our telephone book interface
Error! Bookmark not defined.
12. SQL DBMS engines
13. Using LDAP
14. Serving XML documents
15. Graphic content creation
16. PHP connectivity
Utilizing TCP
The whois function
The Frontend
Extending the Frontend
Is my domain still available?
A web client
17. Sending E-mail
18. Cookies
What are cookies?
Cookies in PHP
Getting started
Deleting a cookie
Common pitfalls
What is your name?
19. Error handling and debugging
20. Security issues
21. Magic with quotes
What are magic quotes?
Defining the scope
Magic quotes explained
Sybase extension
Applying magic_quotes
Two helper functions
An alternative approach
22. Templates
IV. Sample Applications
23. A shopping cart application
24. An OO site
V. Advanced Topics
25. Version migration
26. When should I avoid regular expression functions
Professional PHP Programming eBook Free Download

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