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Practice Papers JEE SBSE Board 4th Eddition


Practice Papers JEE SBSE Board 4th Eddition

Practice Papers JEE SBSE Board 4th Eddition

Practice Papers JEE SBSE Board 4th Eddition


Maths Musing Problem Set – 147 —————————– 8
Mock Test Paper —————————– 10
JEE Main – 2015
Mock Test Paper —————————– 20
BITSAT – 2015
10 Challenging Problems —————————– 28
Mock Test Paper —————————– 31
JEE Advanced – 2015
Math Archives —————————– 48
Mock Test Paper —————————– 50
JEE Main – 2015
You Asked, We Answered —————————– 58
Mock Test Paper —————————– 59
ISI – 2015
CBSE Board 2015 —————————– 71
Sample Paper
Maths Musing – Solutions —————————– 82
Practice Paper —————————– 83
JEE (Main & Advanced) & Other PETs
Olympiad Corner —————————– 88


While estimation remained the center of Mathematics in the early days, as one began learning higher arithmetic, science had formed into numerous branches. Typical representation formed into variable based math. Investigation of Euclid’s geometry in the westernized contemplates in the early days created to co-ordinate geometry and  ystematic geometry. The investigation of symmetry in precious stones and atoms created to crystallography what’s more, gathering hypothesis. In cutting edge investigations of diffraction of gems, gathering hypothesis is mperative.Presently, quantum mechanics grasps everything from the determination of vitality levels, intensities and widths of otherworldly lines. In the event that nuclear what’s more, atomic physicists study X – beam diffraction, atomic physicists study spectroscopy and diffraction of g – beams. At the point when arithmetic is so fascinating and energizing, why do numerous understudies and even educators attempt to stay away from science? It is a simply mental issue and some apprehension of discipline. The arrangement is oddity in bundling which ought to be attractive to the point that persons hurry to study maths in schools. This is being done in numerous imaginative present day schools. In any case, to make it available to everyone, the arrangement is basic – to distribute mainstream books in science, arithmetic, dialects etc. The key for making training a win is to distribute mainstream books in a basic dialect with the goal that all can comprehend these books on self studies on each theme. It is a win for European dialects. Why not science and arithmetic for each point written in a mainstream style?

Anil Ahlawat

Practice Papers JEE SBSE Board 4th Eddition

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Practice Papers JEE SBSE Board 4th Eddition

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