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Practice Papers JEE Main & Advance 3rd Eddition


Practice Papers JEE Main & Advance 3rd Eddition

Practice Papers JEE Main & Advance 3rd Eddition

Practice Papers JEE Main & Advance 3rd Eddition


Maths Musing Problem Set – 146 ——————————- 8

Mock Test Paper ——————————- 10

JEE Main – 2015 Practice Paper ——————————- 18

JEE (Main & Advanced) & Other PETs Math Archives ——————————- 24

Concept Boosters (XI) ——————————- 26

Concept Boosters (XII) ——————————- 47

Mock Test Paper ——————————- 60

JEE (Main & Advanced) (Series-8) CBSE Board 2015 ——————————- 74

Sample Paper Maths Musing – Solutions ——————————- 86

You Asked, We Answered ——————————- 88

Olympiad Corner ——————————-  90


We are cheerful that in any event now the commitment of our old mathematicians are being perceived. Antiquated arithmetic finds numerous applications in India. Design in building gigantic sanctuary towers to the houses for the normal man are all arranged by our woodworkers also, bricklayers. Numerical recipes are given in short “Sutras” which the boss woodworker needs to learn before he begins honing these in structures. These rules, similar to the sanskrit syntax, are given as short “Sutras” then again formulae. Quick computations are performed to decide the position of the planets with the assistance of ocean shells, even today. Without naming “Gathering hypothesis”, it is regular practice in India to show confounded “Rangolis” for different favorable events especially in the entire of South India from Maharashtra to Kanyakumari. The most straightforward way of learning gathering hypothesis to decipher diffraction examples is to hone the interrelations from ‘Rangolis’. Our antiquated learning is our valuable legacy. We need to value our legacy and use them to push our boondocks of learning and to extend our vision.

Anil Ahlawat

Practice Papers JEE Main & Advance 3rd Eddition

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Practice Papers JEE Main & Advance 3rd Eddition

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