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Introducing Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview Release eBook free download


 Introducing Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview Release eBook free download   Preview release of Introducing Windows Server 2012 R2, by Mitch Tulloch with the Windows Server Team, is available in pdf format. Book Description This book is intended to provide you with a “first look” at the new features and enhancements coming in Windows Server […]

Improving Web Services Security Download Free Book


 Improving Web Services Security Download Free Book   Free eBook “Improving Web Services Security: Scenarios and Implementation Guidance for WCF” from Microsoft patterns & practices Developer Center. This guide shows you how to make the most of WCF (Windows Communication Foundation). Description This guide is focused on key security aspects of WCF. The guide addresses […]

Big Data Now Download Free Book


 Big Data Now Download Free Book   “Big Data Now: Current Perspectives from O’Reilly Radar” by O’Reilly Radar Team. You can download it in multiple formats free of charge from O’Reilly Shop. Description This collection represents the full spectrum of data-related content we’ve published on O’Reilly Radar over the last year. Mike Loukides kicked things […]

Getting started with Adobe Flex Download Free Book


 Getting started with Adobe Flex Download Free Book   Free 239 page ebook “Getting started with Adobe Flex” from IBM developerWorks. Adobe Flex is the technology of the future; it takes you to the next level of Web application development by providing a free open source framework to develop Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Description Using […]

REST Download Free Book


 REST Download Free Book   Download free eBook on “REpresentational State Transfer, or REST” from InfoQ. This is the first edition of what is expected to become a recurring series on InfoQ. Description The idea behind this minibook is that a number of InfoQ articles and interviews which deal with a particular topic (in this […]

Java for Python Programmers Free eBook Download


 Java for Python Programmers Free eBook Download Java for Python Programmers is a short online book by Brad Miller. This book assumes that you are already familiar with the Python programming language. Book Description This short ebook is an ongoing project to help Computer Science students who have had one or two semesters of Python […]

SQL Server Concurrency Free eBook Download


 SQL Server Concurrency Free eBook Download Free eBook: “SQL Server Concurrency: Locking, Blocking and Row Versioning” by Kalen Delaney. This book is for anyone using SQL Server as a programmer, an administrator, or even a user, who wants to understand how SQL Server manages multiple sessions, and what causes excessive blocking. It is also for […]

Graph Databases Free eBook Download


 Graph Databases Free eBook Download Early release of “Graph Databases”, written by Ian Robinson, Jim Webber, and Emil Eifrém, is available in pdf format for free. It introduces graphs and graph databases to technology enthusiasts, developers, and database architects. Description Graph Databases, published by O’Reilly Media, discusses the problems that are well aligned with graph […]

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