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O’Reilly Regular Expression Pocket Reference


O’Reilly Regular Expression Pocket Reference

O'Reilly Regular Expression Pocket Reference

O’Reilly Regular Expression Pocket Reference


Regular Expression Pocket Reference
By Tony Stubblebine
Publisher : O’Reilly
Pub Date : August 2003
ISBN : 0-596-00415-X
Pages : 100


Consistent expressions are such an intense device for controlling content and information that any individual who utilizes a PC can profit by them. Made out of a blend of images and content, consistent expressions can be an outlet for inventiveness, for splendid programming, and for the rich arrangement. While an order of normal expressions is a precious expertise, everything to think about them fills a huge volume, and you don’t generally have sufficient energy to look over many pages every time an inquiry emerges. The answer is the Regular Expression Pocket Reference. Succinct and simple to-utilize, this little book is the compact sidekick to Mastering Regular Expressions.

This helpful aide offers software engineers a complete outline of the punctuation and semantics of normal expressions that are at the heart of each content handling application. Perfect as a presentation for apprentices and a fast reference for cutting edge software engineers, Regular Expression Pocket Reference is an exhaustive manual for consistent expression APIs for C, Perl, PHP,Java, .NET, Python, vi, and the POSIX general expression libraries.

O’Reilly’s Pocket References have turned into a most loved among developers all over. By giving an abundance of imperative subtle elements in a brief, all around sorted out configuration, these convenient books convey exactly what you have to finish the current workload. When you’ve achieved an adhering indicate and require get to an answer rapidly, the new Regular Expression Pocket Reference is the book you’ll need to have.

O’Reilly Regular Expression Pocket Reference


O’Reilly Regular Expression Pocket Reference

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