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O’Reilly Mastering Regular Expressions 2nd Edition


O’Reilly Mastering Regular Expressions 2nd Edition

O'Reilly Mastering Regular Expressions 2nd Edition

O’Reilly Mastering Regular Expressions 2nd Edition


Mastering Regular Expressions, 2nd Edition
By Jeffrey E. F. Friedl
Publisher : O’Reilly
Pub Date : July 2002
ISBN : 0-596-00289-0
Pages : 484


Consistent expressions are an amazingly effective device for controlling content and data.They have spread like fierce blaze as of late, now offered as standard components inPerl, Java, VB.NET and C# (and any dialect utilizing the .NET Framework), PHP, Python,Ruby, Tcl, MySQL, awk, Emacs, and numerous other mainstream apparatuses and dialects. If you don’t utilize normal expressions yet, you will find in this book an entire new world of authority over your information. In the event that you as of now utilize them, you’ll welcome thisbook’s uncommon point of interest and expansiveness of scope. In the event that you think you know all you need to think about general expressions, this book is a dazzling eye-opener. In spite their wide accessibility, adaptability, and unparalleled force, customary expressions are frequently underutilized. Standard expressions permit you to code complex and subtle text preparing that you never envisioned could be robotized. Customary expressions can save you time and exacerbation. They can be utilized to make rich answers for a wide range of issues. An order of customary expressions is a priceless expertise. However whats power in the hands of a specialist can be loaded with danger for the unwary.

Acing Regular Expressions will help you explore the minefield to becoming an master. Once you’ve aced general expressions, they’ll turn into an invaluable part of your toolbox. You will think about how you ever got by without them. Mastering Regular Expressions, Second Edition has been completely upgraded to incorporate all the new components of Perl 5.8, and in addition a few different dialects, including Java,VB.NET, C#, Python, JavaScript, Tcl, and Ruby. Written in the clear, entertaining tone that made a mind boggling, dry subject perfectly clear to a huge number of software engineers, and sprinkled with answers for complex true issues, Mastering Regular Expressions offers a riches data that you can put to quick utilize. Topics include:

  • An examination of components among various variants of numerous languagesand devices
  • How the consistent expression motor functions
  • Advancement (significant investment funds accessible here!)
  • Coordinating exactly what you need, yet not what you don’t need
  • Segments and sections on individual dialects

O’Reilly Mastering Regular Expressions 2nd Edition


O’Reilly Mastering Regular Expressions 2nd Edition

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