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O’Reilly Java and XML 2nd Edition Free PDF


O’Reilly Java and XML 2nd Edition Free PDF


O’Reilly Java and XML 2nd Edition Free PDF


Java & XML, 2nd Edition
Brett McLaughlin
Publisher: O’Reilly
Second Edition September 2001
ISBN: 0-596-00197-5, 528 pages


New chapters on Advanced SAX, Advanced DOM, SOAP and data binding, as well as new examples throughout, bring the second edition of Java & XML thoroughly up to date. Except for a concise introduction to XML basics, the book focuses entirely on using XML from Java applications. It’s a worthy companion for Java developers working with XML or involved in messaging, web services, or the new peer-to-peer movement.

While the XML “buzz” still dominates talk among Internet developers, the critical need is for information that cuts through the hype and lets Java programmers put XML to work. Java & XML shows how to use the APIs, tools, and tricks of XML to build real-world applications, with the end result that both the data and the code are portable.This second edition of Java & XML adds chapters on Advanced SAX and Advanced DOM, new chapters on SOAP and data binding, and new examples throughout. A concise chapter on XML basics introduces concepts, and the rest of the book focuses on using XML from your Java applications. Java developers who need to work with XML, or think that they will in the future–as well as developers involved in the new peer-to-peer movement, messaging, or web services–will find the new Java & XML a constant companion.This book covers:

  • The basics of XML, including DTDs, namespaces, XML Schema, XPath, and XSL
  • The SAX API, including all handlers, the SAX 2 extensions, filters, and writers
  • The DOM API, including DOM Level 2, Level 3, and the Traversal, Range, CSS, Events, and HTML modules.
  • The JDOM API, including the core, a look at XPath support, and JDOM as a JSR
  • Using web publishing frameworks like Apache Cocoon
  • Developing applications with XML-RPC
  • Using SOAP and UDDI for web services
  • Data Binding, using both DTDs and XML Schema for constraints
  • Building business-to-business applications with XML
  • Building information channels with RSS and dynamic content with XSP

Includes a quick reference on SAX 2.0, DOM Level 2, and JDOM.


  1. Chapter 1 Introduction

    1. XML Matters

    2. What’s Important?

    3. The Essentials

    4. What’s Next?

  2. Chapter 2 Nuts and Bolts

    1. The Basics

    2. Constraints

    3. Transformations

    4. And More…

    5. What’s Next?

  3. Chapter 3 SAX

    1. Getting Prepared

    2. SAX Readers

    3. Content Handlers

    4. Error Handlers

    5. Gotcha!

    6. What’s Next?

  4. Chapter 4 Advanced SAX

    1. Properties and Features

    2. More Handlers

    3. Filters and Writers

    4. Even More Handlers

    5. Gotcha!

    6. What’s Next?

  5. Chapter 5 DOM

    1. The Document Object Model

    2. Serialization

    3. Mutability

    4. Gotcha!

    5. What’s Next?

  6. Chapter 6 Advanced DOM

    1. Changes

    2. Namespaces

    3. DOM Level 2 Modules

    4. DOM Level 3

    5. Gotcha!

    6. What’s Next?

  7. Chapter 7 JDOM

    1. The Basics

    2. PropsToXML

    3. XMLProperties

    4. Is JDOM a Standard?

    5. Gotcha!

    6. What’s Next?

  8. Chapter 8 Advanced JDOM

    1. Helpful JDOM Internals

    2. JDOM and Factories

    3. Wrappers and Decorators

    4. Gotcha!

    5. What’s Next?

  9. Chapter 9 JAXP

    1. API or Abstraction

    2. JAXP 1.0

    3. JAXP 1.1

    4. Gotcha!

    5. What’s Next?

  10. Chapter 10 Web Publishing Frameworks

    1. Selecting a Framework

    2. Installation

    3. Using a Publishing Framework

    4. XSP

    5. Cocoon 2.0 and Beyond

    6. What’s Next?

  11. Chapter 11 XML-RPC

    1. RPC Versus RMI

    2. Saying Hello

    3. Putting the Load on the Server

    4. The Real World

    5. What’s Next?

  12. Chapter 12 SOAP

    1. Starting Out

    2. Setting Up

    3. Getting Dirty

    4. Going Further

    5. What’s Next?

  13. Chapter 13 Web Services

    1. Web Services

    2. UDDI

    3. WSDL

    4. Putting It All Together

    5. What’s Next?

  14. Chapter 14 Content Syndication

    1. The Foobar Public Library

    2. mytechbooks.com

    3. Push Versus Pull

    4. What’s Next?

  15. Chapter 15 Data Binding

    1. First Principles

    2. Castor

    3. Zeus

    4. JAXB

    5. What’s Next?

  16. Chapter 16 Looking Forward

    1. XLink

    2. XPointer

    3. XML Schema Bindings

    4. And the Rest. . .

    5. What’s Next?

  1. Appendix API Reference

    1. SAX 2.0

    2. DOM Level 2

    3. JAXP 1.1

    4. JDOM 1.0 (Beta 7)

  2. Appendix SAX 2.0 Features and Properties

    1. Core Features

    2. Core Properties

  3. Colophon

O’Reilly Java and XML 2nd Edition Free PDF


O’Reilly Java and XML 2nd Edition Free PDF

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