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O’Reilly Java NIO Free PDF Download


O’Reilly Java NIO Free PDF Download


O’Reilly Java NIO Free PDF Download


Java™ NIO
Ron Hitchens
Publisher: O’Reilly
First Edition August 2002
ISBN: 0-596-00288-2, 312 pages


Java NIO explores the new I/O capabilities of version 1.4 in detail and shows you how to put these features to work to greatly improve the efficiency of the Java code you write. This compact volume examines the typical challenges that Java programmers face with I/O and shows you how to take advantage of the capabilities of the new I/O features. You’ll learn how to put these tools to work using examples of common, real-world I/O problems and see how the new features have a direct impact on responsiveness, scalability, and reliability. Because the NIO APIs supplement the I/O features of version 1.3, rather than replace them, you’ll also learn when to use new APIs and when the older 1.3 I/O APIs are better suited to your particular application.

Numerous genuine Java software engineers, particularly venture Java developers, consider the new I/O API- – called NIO for New Input/Output- – the most vital component in the 1.4 variant of the Java 2 Standard Edition. The NIO bundle incorporates numerous things that have been absent from past releases of Java that are basic to composing elite, vast scale applications: upgrades in the zones of cushion administration, versatile system and document I/O, character-set backing, and normal expression coordinating. The vast majority of all, it helps execution and rate dramatically.Java NIO investigates the new I/O capacities of variant 1.4 in subtle element and demonstrates to you generally accepted methods to give these elements something to do to incredibly enhance the effectiveness of the Java code you compose. This conservative volume looks at the run of the mill challenges that Java software engineers face with I/O and demonstrates to you generally accepted methods to exploit the capacities of the new I/O highlights. You?ll figure out how to give these devices something to do utilizing case of basic, true I/O issues and perceive how the new components directly affect responsiveness, adaptability, and unwavering quality. The book incorporates:

  • A summary of the new components in NIO
  • Essential and propelled I/O Concepts
  • Double I/O and the new cradle classes
  • Memory mapped documents and record locking
  • Character I/O: encoding, deciphering and changing character information
  • Normal Expressions and the new java.util.regex bundle
  • Muliplexing with java.nio

Since the NIO APIs supplement the I/O elements of adaptation 1.3, instead of supplant them, you’ll likewise realize when to utilize new APIs and when the more seasoned 1.3 I/O APIs are more qualified to your specific application.Java NIO is for any Java software engineer who is occupied with figuring out how to help I/O execution, yet in the event that you’re creating applications where execution is basic, for example, diversion processing or substantial scale endeavor applications, you’ll need to give this book a lasting spot on your bookshelf. With the NIO APIs, Java no more takes a secondary lounge to any dialect with regards to execution. Java NIO will help you understand the advantages of these energizing new components.


  1. Chapter 1 Introduction
    1. I/O Versus CPU Time
    2. No Longer CPU Bound
    3. Getting to the Good Stuff
    4. I/O Concepts
    5. Summary
  2. Chapter 2 Buffers
    1. Buffer Basics
    2. Creating Buffers
    3. Duplicating Buffers
    4. Byte Buffers
    5. Summary
  3. Chapter 3 Channels
    1. Channel Basics
    2. Scatter/Gather
    3. File Channels
    4. Memory-Mapped Files
    5. Socket Channels
    6. Pipes
    7. The Channels Utility Class
    8. Summary
  4. Chapter 4 Selectors
    1. Selector Basics
    2. Using Selection Keys
    3. Using Selectors
    4. Asynchronous Closability
    5. Selection Scaling
    6. Summary
  5. Chapter 5 Regular Expressions
    1. Regular Expression Basics
    2. The Java Regular Expression API
    3. Regular Expression Methods of the String Class
    4. Java Regular Expression Syntax
    5. An Object-Oriented File Grep
    6. Summary
  6. Chapter 6 Character Sets
    1. Character Set Basics
    2. Charsets
    3. The Charset Service Provider Interface
    4. Summary
  1. Appendix A NIO and the JNI
  2. Appendix B Selectable Channels SPI
  3. Appendix C NIO Quick Reference
    1. Package java.nio
    2. Package java.nio.channels
    3. Package java.nio.channels.spi
    4. Package java.nio.charset
    5. Package java.nio.charset.spi
    6. Package java.util.regex
  4. Colophon

O’Reilly Java NIO Free PDF Download


O’Reilly Java NIO Free PDF Download

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