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O’Reilly Java Database Best Practices Free PDF


O’Reilly Java Database Best Practices Free PDF

O'Reilly Java Database Best Practices Free PDF

O’Reilly Java Database Best Practices Free PDF


Java Database Best Practices
By George Reese
Publisher : O’Reilly
Pub Date : May 2003
ISBN : 0-596-00522-9
Pages : 286


Unlike other books on this topic, which focus on a single way to do things, Java Database Best Practices takes you through a wide variety of different ways to store and access data, enabling you to learn which “persistence model” is most appropriate for each type of application. This unique book covers Enterprise JavaBeans, Java Data Objects, the Java Database Connectivity API (JDBC) and other, lesser-known options.

While making complex Java venture applications, do you invest a great deal of energy browsing a heap of books and different assets hunting down what you trust will be the API it’s hard to believe, but it’s true for the undertaking best case scenario Practices salvages you from wading through books on each of the different APIs before making sense of which technique to utilize! This exhaustive aide presents each of the prevailing APIs (Enterprise JavaBeans, Java Data Objects, the Java Database Connectivity API (JDBC) and in addition other, lesser-known choices), investigates the strategy and configuration parts that utilization those APIs, and afterward offers hones most proper for various sorts and makes of databases, and distinctive sorts of applications.Java Database Practices likewise looks at database outline, from table and database engineering to standardization, and offers various best practices for taking care of these errands also. Figure out how to travel through the different types of standardization, comprehend when to denormalize, and even get point by point guidelines on improving your SQL questions to make the best utilization of your database structure. Through it all, this book concentrates on down to earth use of these systems, giving you data that can instantly be connected to your own undertaking projects.Enterprise applications in this day and age are about information – whether it be data around an item to purchase, a client’s Visa data, or the shading that a client lean towards for their auto buys. What’s more, pretty much as information has developed in significance, the errand of getting to that information has developed in many-sided quality. As of not long ago, you have been left all alone to figure out which show best suits your application, and how best to utilize your picked API. Java Database Practices is the one stop reference book to help you figure out what’s proper for your particular venture within reach. Whether it’s picking between a letters in order soup of APIs and advancements – EJB, JDO, JDBC, SQL, RDBMS, OODBMS, and more not too far off, this book is a basic asset you can’t manage without.


  1. Data Architecture

    1. Chapter 1 Elements of Database Applications

      1. Database Application Architectures
      2. Component Models
      3. Persistence Models
    2. Chapter 2 Relational Data Architecture

      1. Relational Concepts
      2. Modeling
      3. Normalization
      4. Denormalization
      5. Object-Relational Mapping
    3. Chapter 3 Transaction Management

      1. Transactions
      2. Concurrency
      3. JDBC Transaction Management
      4. Transaction Management Paradigms
  2. Persistence Models

    1. Chapter 4 Persistence Fundamentals

      1. Patterns of Persistence
      2. A Guest Book Application
    2. Chapter 5 EJB CMP

      1. Which CMP Model to Use?
      2. The EJB 1.0 CMP Model
      3. The EJB 2.0 CMP Model
      4. Beyond CMP
    3. Chapter 6 EJB BMP

      1. EJBs Revisited
      2. BMP Patterns
      3. State Management
      4. Exception Handling
    4. Chapter 7 JDO Persistence

      1. JDO or EJB?
      2. Basic JDO Persistence
      3. EJB BMP with JDO
    5. Chapter 8 Alternative Persistence Frameworks

      1. Why Alternative Frameworks?
      2. Persistence Approach
      3. Persistence Operations
      4. Searches
      5. Beyond the Basics
  3. Tutorials

    1. Chapter 9 J2EE Basics

      1. The Platform
      2. Java Naming and Directory Interface
      3. JavaServer Pages
      4. Remote Method Invocation
      5. Enterprise JavaBeans
    2. Chapter 10 SQL

      1. Background
      2. Database Creation
      3. Table Management
      4. Data Management
    3. Chapter 11 JDBC

      1. Architecture
      2. Simple Database Access
      3. Advanced JDBC
    4. Chapter 12 JDO

      1. Architecture
      2. Enhancement
      3. Queries
      4. Changes
      5. Transactions
      6. Inheritance
  1. Colophon

O’Reilly Java Database Best Practices Free PDF


O’Reilly Java Database Best Practices Free PDF

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