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O’Reilly – Cisco Cookbook Free PDF Download


O’Reilly – Cisco Cookbook Free PDF Download

O'Reilly - Cisco Cookbook Free PDF Download

O’Reilly – Cisco Cookbook Free PDF Download


Cisco Cookbook
By Ian J. Brown, Kevin Dooley
Publisher : O’Reilly
Pub Date : July 2003
ISBN : 0-596-00367-6



While a few distributers (counting O’Reilly) supply brilliant documentation of switch elements, the trap is knowing when, why, and how to utilize these components There are frequently a wide range of approaches to tackle any given systems administration issue utilizing Cisco gadgets, and a few arrangements are plainly more compelling than others. The squeezing question for a system architect is which of the numerous potential arrangements is the most fitting for a specific circumstance. When you have chosen to utilize a specific component, in what capacity would it be a good idea for you to actualize it? Lamentably, the documentation portraying a specific charge or highlight much of the time does next to no to answer both of these questions.Everybody who has worked with Cisco switches for any time span has needed to approach their companions and collaborators for instance switch design records that demonstrate to take care of a typical issue. A decent working design case can frequently spare tremendous measures of time and disappointment while executing a component that you’ve never utilized. The Cisco Cookbook accumulates many case switch arrangements all in one place.As the name proposes, Cisco Cookbook is sorted out as a progression of formulas. Every formula starts with an issue articulation that depicts a typical circumstance that you may confront. After every issue explanation is a brief arrangement that demonstrates an example switch design or script that you can use to determine this specific issue. An examination area then portrays the arrangement, how it works, and when you ought to or ought not utilize it. The parts are sorted out by the element or convention examined. On the off chance that you are searching for data on a specific element, for example, NAT, NTP or SNMP, you can swing to that section and discover an assortment of related formulas. Most sections rundown essential issues in the first place, and any unordinary or convoluted circumstances last.The Cisco Cookbook will rapidly turn into your “go to” asset for looking into and illuminating complex switch setup issues, sparing you time and making your system more effective. It covers:

  • Switch Configuration and File Management
  • Switch Management
  • Client Access and Privilege Levels
  • IP Routing
  • Tear
  • OSPF
  • BGP
  • Outline Relay
  • Queueing and Congestion
  • Passages and VPNs
  • Dial Backup
  • NTP and Time
  • DLSw
  • Switch Interfaces and Media
  • Basic Network Management Protocol
  • Logging
  • Access Lists
  • DHCP
  • NAT
  • Hot Standby Router Protocol
  • IP Multicast


Chapter 1 Router Configuration and File Management

Chapter 2 Router Management

Chapter 3 User Access and Privilege Levels

Chapter 4 TACACS+

Chapter 5 IP Routing

Chapter 6 RIP

Chapter 7 EIGRP

Chapter 8 OSPF

Chapter 9 BGP

Chapter 10 Frame Relay

Chapter 11 Queueing and Congestion

Chapter 12 Tunnels and VPNs

Chapter 13 Dial Backup

Chapter 14 NTP and Time

Chapter 15 DLSw

Chapter 16 Router Interfaces and Media

Chapter 17 Simple Network Management Protocol

Chapter 18 Logging

Chapter 19 Access Lists

Chapter 20 DHCP

Chapter 21 NAT

Chapter 22 Hot Standby Router Protocol

Chapter 23 IP Multicast

O’Reilly – Cisco Cookbook Free PDF Download


O’Reilly – Cisco Cookbook Free PDF Download

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