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O’Reilly Building Java Enterprise Applications Volume 1 Architecture


O’Reilly Building Java Enterprise Applications Volume 1 Architecture

O'Reilly Building Java Enterprise Applications Volume 1 Architecture

O’Reilly Building Java Enterprise Applications Volume 1 Architecture


Building Java™ Enterprise Applications Volume I: Architecture
Brett McLaughlin
Publisher: O’Reilly
First Edition March 2002
ISBN: 0-569-00123-1, 318 pages


Volume 1 of this advanced 3-volume guide explores the infrastructure issues so important to good application design. It isn’t just a book about Entity Beans and JNDI. It takes you step by step through building the back end, designing the data store so that it gives you convenient access to the data your application needs; designing a directory; figuring out how to handle security and where to store security credentials you need; and so on.

What are the key choices and tradeoffs you confront as you plan and create endeavor applications? How would you manufacture the back end with the goal that it handles your present needs as well as is sufficiently adaptable to permit your framework to develop as your needs extend? Answer these inquiries and numerous more with Building Java Enterprise Applications, a propelled manual for building complex Java Enterprise Applications starting from the earliest stage that locations outline issues along the way. These useful books step again from nitty gritty examination of the APIs and spotlight on the whole picture, so you can assemble the pieces and fabricate something that works!This book investigates the foundation issues so imperative to great application outline. It isn’t only a book about doing things with Entity Beans, JDBC and JMS and JNDI. It steps by venture through building the back end, planning the information store with the goal that it gives you helpful access to the information your application needs; outlining an index; making sense of how to handle security and where to store security certifications you need; etc. On top of this, it indicates – as effortlessly as could be expected under the circumstances – how to fabricate the substance bean layer that makes data accessible to whatever remains of the application.Throughout this aide, creator Brett McLaughlin utilizes his abundance of certifiable involvement with big business improvement to show you slowly and carefully how to outline and manufacture an extensive undertaking application from the beginning, beginning with the back end.


  1. Chapter 1 Introduction
    1. Building Java Enterprise Applications
    2. Architecture
    3. What You’ll Need
  2. Chapter 2 Blueprints
    1. Forethought Brokerage
    2. The Data Layer
    3. The Business Layer
    4. The Presentation Layer
    5. Finalizing the Plans
    6. What’s Next?
  3. Chapter 3 Foundation
    1. Designing the Data Stores
    2. Databases
    3. Directory Servers
    4. What’s Next?
  4. Chapter 4 Entity Basics
    1. Basic Design Patterns
    2. Coding the Bean
    3. Deploying the Bean
    4. What’s Next?
  5. Chapter 5 Advanced Entities
    1. IDs, Sequences, and CMP
    2. Details, Details, Details
    3. Data Modeling
    4. Filling in the Blanks
    5. What’s Next?
  6. Chapter 6 Managers
    1. Managers and Entities
    2. The LDAPManager Class
    3. What’s Next?
  7. Chapter 7 Completing the Data Layer
    1. Odds and Ends
    2. Checkpoint
    3. Populating the Data Stores
    4. What’s Next?
  8. Chapter 8 Business Logic
    1. The Façade Pattern
    2. The UserManager
    3. State Design
    4. What’s Next?
  9. Chapter 9 Messaging and Packaging
    1. Messaging on the Server
    2. Messaging on the Client
    3. Packaging
    4. What’s Next?
  10. Chapter 10 Beyond Architecture
    1. Flexibility
    2. Decision Point
    3. What’s Next?
  1. Appendix SQL Scripts
    1. The User Store
    2. The Accounts Store
    3. Events and Scheduling
    4. Starting Over
    5. Primary Keys
    6. Creating Types
  2. Appendix SQL Deployment
    1. Cloudscape
    2. InstantDB
    3. MySQL
    4. Oracle
    5. PostgreSQL
  3. Appendix Directory Server Setup
    1. iPlanet
    2. OpenLDAP
  4. Appendix Application Server Setup
    1. BEA Weblogic
  5. Appendix Supplemental Code Listings
    1. Entity Beans
    2. Application Exceptions
  6. Colophon

O’Reilly Building Java Enterprise Applications Volume 1 Architecture


O’Reilly Building Java Enterprise Applications Volume 1 Architecture

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