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OOP Programming with PHP5 ebook free download


 OOP Programming with PHP5 ebook free download

OO Programming with PHP5 ebook

 OOP Programming with PHP5 ebook free download


PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages of the last couple of years. Almost 60% of web servers are running on Apache with PHP. It is so popular that millions of websites and web applications are developed every month using PHP. PHP started its journey as a simple replacement for Perl, and in a few years it became tremendously popular and powerful. The language itself is closely similar to ANSI C.

OOP or Object Oriented Programming is a good programming practise to create manageable projects more easily. Procedural programming means writing code without objects. Procedural programming consists of codes with or without routines. OOP enlightens any language for better coding, for best performance and for writing very big projects without worrying a lot about managing them. OOP gives you facilities to create reusable objects that you or other developers can use in their projects without reinventing them again and again. OOP removes the hassles and difficulties of writing and managing big applications.

OOP Programming with PHP5 ebook free download contains these contens.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: OOP vs. Procedural Programming 5
Chapter 2: Kick-Starting OOP 15
Chapter 3: More OOP 41

Chapter 4: Design Patterns 63

Chapter 5: Reflection and Unit Testing 93
Chapter 6: Standard PHP Library 137
Chapter 7: Database in an OOP Way 165

Chapter 8: Cooking XML with OOP 191

Chapter 9: Building Better with MVC 205

OOP Programming with PHP5 ebook free download



OOP Programming with PHP5 ebook free download

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