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Node.js Design Patterns Casciaro Mario free book


Node.js Design Patterns




Node.js Design Patterns

Node.js Design Patterns


Node.js Design Patterns is considered by many as a game-changer—the biggest shift of the decade in web development. It is loved not just for its technical capabilities, but also for the change of paradigm that it introduced in web development. First, Node.js applications are written in JavaScript, the language of the web, the only programming language supported natively by a majority of web browsers. This aspect only enables scenarios such as single-language application stacks and sharing of code between the server and the client. Node.js Design Patterns itself is contributing to the rise and evolution of the JavaScript language. People realize that using JavaScript on the server is not as bad as it is in the browser, and they will soon start to love it for its pragmatism and for its hybrid nature, half way between object-oriented andfunctional programming. The second revolutionizing factor is its single-threaded, asynchronous architecture. Besides obvious advantages from a performance and scalability point of view, this characteristic changed the way developers approach concurrency and
parallelism. Mutexes are replaced by queues, threads by callbacks and events, and synchronization by causality. The last and most important aspect of Node.js Design Patterns lies in its ecosystem: the npm package manager, its constantly growing database of modules, its enthusiastic and helpful community, and most importantly, its very own culture based on simplicity, pragmatism, and extreme modularity.

Some principles and design patterns literally define the Node.js Design Patterns platform and its ecosystem; the most peculiar ones are probably its asynchronous nature and its programming style that makes heavy use of callbacks. However, there are other fundamental components that characterize the platform; for example, its module system, which allows multiple versions of the same dependency to coexist in an application, and the observer pattern, implemented by the EventEmitter class, which perfectly complements callbacks when dealing with asynchronous code.It's therefore important that we first dive into these fundamental principles and patterns, not only for writing correct code, but also to be able to take effective design decisions when it comes to solving bigger and more complex problems.

Chapter 1: Node.js Design Patterns Fundamentals

Chapter 2: Asynchronous Control Flow Patterns

Chapter 3: Coding with Streams

Chapter 4: Design Patterns

Chapter 5: Wiring Modules

Chapter 6: Recipes

Chapter 7: Scalability and Architectural Patterns

Chapter 8: Messaging and Integration Patterns

Node.js Design Patterns


Node.js Design Patterns

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  1. Thank you for this book. I am searching for this node.js design pattern book from last week bu could not found.Really appreciate for your effort. Thanks once again 🙂


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