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Network Security Tools 2005 Free PDF


Network Security Tools 2005 Free PDF

Network Security Tools Writing, Hacking, and Modifying Security Tools

Network Security Tools 2005 Free PDF


Network Security Tools

Network Security Tools
By Justin Clarke, Nitesh Dhanjani
Publisher: O’Reilly
Pub Date: April 2005
ISBN: 0-596-00794-9
Pages: 352


In case you’re a propelled security proficient, then you realize that the fight to ensure online protection keeps on seething on. Security visit rooms, particularly, are resonating with calls for sellers to assume more liability to discharge items that are more secure. Truth be told, with all the data and code that is passed every day, it’s a battle that may never end. Luckily, there are various open source security devices that surrender you a leg in the battle.Often a security instrument does precisely what you need, right out of the case. All the more oftentimes, you have to tweak the apparatus to fit the requirements of your system structure. System Security Tools demonstrates to experienced managers industry standards to adjust, redo, and amplify mainstream open source security apparatuses, for example, Nikto, Ettercap, and Nessus.This compact, top of the line guide talks about the regular customizations and expansions for these devices, then demonstrates to you generally accepted methods to compose much more particular assault and entrance surveys that are suited to your special system environment. It likewise clarifies how apparatuses like port scanners, bundle injectors, system sniffers, and web appraisal devices function.Some of the subjects secured include:

  • Composing your own system sniffers and bundle infusion apparatuses
  • Composing modules for Nessus, Ettercap, and Nikto
  • Creating misuses for Metasploit
  • Code examination for web applications
  • Composing piece modules for security applications, and comprehension rootkits

While numerous books on security are either drearily scholarly or excessively breathtaking, Network Security Tools takes an impartial and open approach that will let you rapidly survey the issue and execute new, down to earth arrangements – without reevaluating the wheel. During a time when security is basic, Network Security Tools is the asset you need next to you when securing your system.


  1. Modifying and Hacking Security Tools

    1. Chapter 1 Writing Plug-ins for Nessus

      1. The Nessus Architecture
      2. Installing Nessus
      3. Using Nessus
      4. The NASL Interpreter
      5. Hello World
      6. Datatypes and Variables
      7. Operators
      8. if…else
      9. Loops
      10. Functions
      11. Predefined Global Variables
      12. Important NASL Functions
      13. Nessus Plug-ins
    2. Chapter 2 Developing Dissectors and Plug-ins for the Ettercap Network Sniffer

      1. Installing and Using Ettercap
      2. Writing an Ettercap Dissector
      3. Writing an Ettercap Plug-in
    3. Chapter 3 Extending Hydra and Nmap

      1. Extending Hydra
      2. Adding Service Signatures to Nmap
    4. Chapter 4 Writing Plug-ins for the Nikto Vulnerability Scanner

      1. Installing Nikto
      2. Using Nikto
      3. Nikto Under the Hood
      4. Existing Nikto Plug-ins
      5. Adding Custom Entries to the Plug-in Databases
      6. Using LibWhisker
      7. Writing an NTLM Plug-in for Brute-Force Testing
      8. Writing a Standalone Plug-in to Attack Lotus Domino
    5. Chapter 5 Writing Modules for the Metasploit Framework

      1. Introduction to MSF
      2. Overview of Stack Buffer Overflows
      3. Writing Exploits for MSF
      4. Writing a Module for the MnoGoSearch Overflow
      5. Writing an Operating System Fingerprinting Module for MSF
    6. Chapter 6 Extending Code Analysis to the Webroot

      1. Attacking Web Applications at the Source
      2. Toolkit 101
      3. PMD
      4. Extending PMD
  2. Modifying and Hacking Security Tools

    1. Chapter 7 Fun with Linux Kernel Modules

      1. Hello World
      2. Intercepting System Calls
      3. Hiding Processes
      4. Hiding from netstat
    2. Chapter 8 Developing Web Assessment Tools and Scripts

      1. Web Application Environment
      2. Designing the Scanner
      3. Building the Log Parser
      4. Building the Scanner
      5. Using the Scanner
      6. Complete Source Code
    3. Chapter 9 Automated Exploit Tools

      1. SQL Injection Exploits
      2. The Exploit Scanner
      3. Using the Scanner
    4. Chapter 10 Writing Network Sniffers

      1. Introduction to libpcap
      2. Getting Started with libpcap
      3. libpcap and 802.11 Wireless Networks
      4. libpcap and Perl
      5. libpcap Library Reference
    5. Chapter 11 Writing Packet-Injection Tools

      1. Introduction to libnet
      2. Getting Started with libnet
      3. Advanced libnet Functions
      4. Combining libnet and libpcap
      5. Introducing AirJack
  1. Colophon

Network Security Tools 2005 Free PDF


Network Security Tools 2005 Free PDF

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