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.NET for Visual FoxPro Developers Download Free Book


.NET for Visual FoxPro Developers Download Free Book

.NET for Visual FoxPro Developers Download Free Book

The complete 500 page .NET for Visual FoxPro Developers book written by Kevin McNeish and edited by Cathi Gero is now online. If you’re simply curious about what .NET offers, this book provides a strong overview of the .NET Framework and the C# and Visual Basic .NET languages, helping you to assess these new technologies through the lens of Visual FoxPro.


Visual FoxPro is one of the best Microsoft tools for creating desktop, client-server, and Web applications. However, it would be a mistake to ignore .NET. Microsoft has put a lot of resources into making .NET a revolutionary platform for creating both desktop and Internet application software. If you’re already “sold” and are ready to learn specifics about how to use .NET in your software development projects, this book provides plenty of “how to”, “step-by-step” and “best practices” information that will help you climb the .NET learning curve and get up and running quickly.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to .NET
  • Visual Studio .NET
  • Introduction to C#
  • Introduction to Visual Basic. NET
  • Object Orientation in C# and Visual Basic .NET
  • Tour of the .NET Base Classes
  • Data Access with ADO.NET
  • .NET Business Objects
  • Building .NET Windows Applications
  • Building Web Applications with ASP.NET
  • .NET XML
  • XML Web Services
  • Error Handling and Debugging in .NET
  • .NET Security
  • Interoperability with Visual FoxPro
  • Language Comparison Tables
  • Type Comparison Table
  • The Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET

Book Details

Author(s): Kevin McNeish
Publisher: Hentzenwerke Publishing
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 508
Link: Download.

.NET for Visual FoxPro Developers Download Free Book

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