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Mobile Web Developer’s Guide Free eBook Download


Mobile Web Developer’s Guide Free eBook Download

Mobile Web Developer’s Guide Free eBook Download

Free eBook “Mobile Web Developer Guide: Part I: Creating Simple Mobile Sites” from dotMobi. The Web has revolutionized how we interact with and publish information, but up to now it has only been accessible to people with desktop devices.


Web-enabled mobile phones now extend the expected global reach of the Web to three times that of today, touching one-third of the population1 of the planet. The goal of this guide is to provide developers and site owners with enough knowledge to get started with the creation of Web content for mobile users. It covers the benefits of publishing for mobile users, how mobile delivery differs from desktop delivery and how to design for the mobile context.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Mobile Web Strategy
  • Mobile Information Architecture
  • Mobile Web Design
  • Mobile Web Standards
  • Getting Started With Xhtml
  • Recommendations & Best Practices
  • Mobile Publishing
  • Going Further With Adaptation
  • Creating A Mobile-Friendly Site Using Only Stylesheets

Book Details

Author(s): Ronan Cremin, Jo Rabin, Brian Fling and D. Keith Robinson
Format(s): PDF
File size: 629 KB
Number of pages: 98

Mobile Web Developer’s Guide Free eBook Download


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