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Maximum RPM Download Free Book


Maximum RPM Download Free Book


Maximum RPM Download Free Book

The complete reference for the RPM software package that is the heart of the Red Hat Linux distribution.


Designed for both the novice and advanced users, Maximum RPM enables anyone to take full advantage of the benefits of building software packages with the Red Hat Package management tools. This book is divided into two major sections. The first section is for anyone that needs to know how to use RPM on their system. Given the state of the Linux arena today, this could include just about anyone, including people that are new to Linux, or even UNIX.

In the book’s second half, we’ll be covering all there is to know about building packages using RPM. Since software engineering on Linux and UNIX systems requires in-depth knowledge of the operating system, available tools, and basic programming concepts, we’re going to assume that the reader has sufficient background in these areas. Feel free to browse through the second half, but don’t hesitate to seek additional sources of information if you find the going a bit tough.

Table of Contents

  • An Introduction to Package Management
  • Using RPM to Install Packages
  • Using RPM to Erase Packages
  • Using RPM to Upgrade Packages
  • Getting Information About Packages
  • Using RPM to Verify Installed Packages
  • Using RPM to Verify Package Files
  • The Philosophy Behind RPM
  • The Basics of Developing With RPM
  • Building Packages: A Simple Example
  • rpm -b Command Reference
  • Inside the Spec File
  • Adding Dependency Information to a Package
  • Making a Relocatable Package
  • Making a Package That Can Build Anywhere
  • Adding PGP Signatures to a Package
  • Creating Subpackages
  • Building Packages for Multiple Architectures and Operating Systems
  • Real-World Package Building
  • A Guide to the RPM Library API

Book Details

Author(s): Edward C. Bailey
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 442
Link: Read online.

Maximum RPM Download Free Book

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