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Mathematics Today JEE Advanced Class XI & Class XII


Mathematics Today JEE Advanced Class XI & Class XII

Mathematics Today JEE Advanced Class XI & Class XII

Mathematics Today JEE Advanced Class XI & Class XII


Maths Musing Problem Set – 151 —————————- 8
JEE Advanced —————————- 10
Solved Paper 2015
Concept Boosters (XI) —————————- 19
Maths Musing – Solutions —————————- 30
Concept Boosters (XII) —————————- 31
COMEDK —————————- 46
Solved Paper 2015
Karnataka CET —————————- 55
Solved Paper 2015
Ace Your Way CBSE XI —————————- 63
(Relations & Functions : Series 2)
Ace Your Way CBSE XII —————————- 70
(Inverse Trigonometric Functions : Series 2)
JEE Work Outs —————————- 77


The historical backdrop of the development of Mathematics is as intriguing as a decent criminologist novel. Math has a long history beginning with expansion, subtraction, duplication and division, the greater part of the work in trade

could be overseen. In Indian framework, cosmologists could figure numerous computations for example, the expectation of the movement of the planets, sun powered and lunar shrouds, the position of the stars thus on precisely with the help of conic shells. Present day expectation of the season of obscurations agree with Indian estimation. For quick increase and division, logarithm was found beginning with the ordinary four digit or decimal spots, one could even go to 8 decimal logarithm tables. Following the time when the revelation of the capable PCs, propels in Physics, Chemistry and Biology went hand in hand. The utilization of Mathematics to Physics, crystallography, spectroscopy furthermore, diffraction gave a major help for the development of Physics, Chemistry furthermore, Biology, especially for the investigation of the structure of atoms and precious stones. Will 1 + 1 give 2 dependably? In the investigation of electrical circuits, this may not be valid. There are an expansive number of incredible mathematicians. The colossal Ramanujam made his imprint in Cambridge. Einstein destroyed

the fringes of Mathematics and Physics. Typically one makes a introduce and creates speculations taking into account exploratory actualities. In the instance of Einstein, first he made conclusions and they were demonstrated later by tests. To examine higher Mathematics gives one awesome happiness and

fulfillment. We want you to enjoy all that life has to offer for your future courses of study.

Anil Ahlawat

Mathematics Today JEE Advanced Class XI & Class XII

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Mathematics Today JEE Advanced Class XI & Class XII

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