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Mac OS X Tiger in a Nutshell ebook free download


Mac OS X Tiger in a Nutshell ebook free download

Mac OS X Tiger in a Nutshell ebook free download

Mac OS X Tiger in a Nutshell ebook free download

Mac OS X Tiger in a Nutshell ebook free download


Andy Lester

Book Description:

MAC OS X Tiger in a Nutshell
By Andy Lester
Publisher: O’Reilly
Pub Date: November 2005
ISBN: 0-596-00943-7
Pages: 516

The most prevalent and most finish desktop reference book on Mac OS X now covers Tiger!

Apple’s Mac OS X working framework keeps on catching the consideration of shoppers and developers alike with its capacity to run more seasoned Mac programs, fantastic Unix applications, and creative open source programming. Also, the most recent and most prominent adaptation, Mac OS X 10.4- -also called “Tiger”- -is all the more intense and flexible (also less demanding to utilize, speedier, and better looking) than any time in recent memory anytime recently.

With unparalleled, up-to-the-moment detail on Tiger, Mac OS X Tiger in a Nutshell is stacked with new and upgraded material on essentially every page. Of course, Mac OS X Tiger in a Nutshell covers all the essentials and most-talked-about new highlights of Tiger, including first-class things, for example, Spotlight for easy looking, iChat AV for feature conferencing, and Dashboard for a single tick access to a mini-computer, climate reports, stock costs, flight times, and that’s just the beginning. Anyhow, this completely upgraded version likewise covers the many nips and tucks Tiger made to its fundamental advancements and existing applications, including changes to representation and the Unix-based center and a simple approach to mechanize tedious, dreary manual or group errands.

Macintosh OS X Tiger in a Nutshell offers an abundance of insight about the new client interface components, framework and system organization, and scripting and advancement. It covers upgrades to the Finder, Safari RSS, Mail 2, and System Preferences. This essential guide likewise incorporates the most finish Unix order reference found in print- -every charge and choice has been carefully tried and checked against Tiger. Indeed, even the manpages that ship with the framework can’t contend in exactness!

For long-lasting Mac followers and also late changes over, for purchasers, engineers and developers, this completely redesigned release gives the ideal review of Mac OS X and all the low down clues and how-tos you have to make it your generally useful, must-have Tiger guide.


Table of Contents

Part I:  Commands and Shells
    Chapter 1.  Introduction
Section 1.1.  What You’ll Find
Section 1.2.  Beginner’s Guide
    Chapter 2.  Unix Command Reference
Section 2.1.  Alphabetical Summary of Commands
    Chapter 3.  Using the Terminal
Section 3.1.  Using the Terminal
Section 3.2.  Process Management
    Chapter 4.  Shell Overview
Section 4.1.  Introduction to the Shell
Section 4.2.  Shell Flavors
Section 4.3.  Common Features
Section 4.4.  Differing Features
    Chapter 5.  bash: The Bourne-Again Shell
Section 5.1.  Invoking the Shell
Section 5.2.  Syntax
Section 5.3.  Variables
Section 5.4.  Arithmetic Expressions
Section 5.5.  Command History
Section 5.6.  Job Control
Section 5.7.  Built-in Commands
Part II:  Text Editing and Processing
    Chapter 6.  Pattern Matching
Section 6.1.  Filenames Versus Patterns
Section 6.2.  Metacharacters, Listed by Unix Program
Section 6.3.  Metacharacters
Section 6.4.  Examples of Searching
    Chapter 7.  The vi Editor
Section 7.1.  Review of vi Operations
Section 7.2.  vi Command-Line Options
Section 7.3.  ex Command-Line Options
Section 7.4.  Movement Commands
Section 7.5.  Edit Commands
Section 7.6.  Saving and Exiting
Section 7.7.  Accessing Multiple Files
Section 7.8.  Window Commands
Section 7.9.  Interacting with the Shell
Section 7.10.  Macros
Section 7.11.  Miscellaneous Commands
Section 7.12.  Alphabetical List of Keys in Command Mode
Section 7.13.  Syntax of ex Commands
Section 7.14.  Alphabetical Summary of ex Commands
Section 7.15.  vi Configuration
    Chapter 8.  The Emacs Editor
Section 8.1.  Emacs Concepts
Section 8.2.  Typical Problems
Section 8.3.  Notes on the Tables
Section 8.4.  Summary of Commands by Group
Section 8.5.  Summary of Commands by Key
Section 8.6.  Summary of Commands by Name
Part III:  Managing Mac OS X
    Chapter 9.  Filesystem Overview
Section 9.1.  Mac OS X Filesystems
Section 9.2.  Filesystem Organization
Section 9.3.  Hidden Files
Section 9.4.  The File Permissions System
    Chapter 10.  Directory Services
Section 10.1.  Understanding Directory Services
Section 10.2.  Programming with Directory Services
Section 10.3.  Configuring Directory Services
Section 10.4.  NetInfo Manager
Section 10.5.  Directory Services Utilities
Section 10.6.  Managing Groups
Section 10.7.  Managing Users and Passwords
Section 10.8.  Managing Hostnames and IP Addresses
Section 10.9.  Exporting Directories with NFS
Section 10.10.  Flat Files and Their Directory Services Counterparts
Section 10.11.  Restoring the Directory Services Database
    Chapter 11.  Running Network Services
Section 11.1.  Network Services Overview
Section 11.2.  Running Services in Mac OS X
Section 11.3.  Mail Services
Section 11.4.  Web Services
Section 11.5.  File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Section 11.6.  Remote Login Services
Section 11.7.  File Sharing Services
Section 11.8.  Daemon Management
    Chapter 12.  The X Window System
Section 12.1.  Installing X11
Section 12.2.  Running X11
Section 12.3.  Customizing X11
Section 12.4.  X11-based Applications and Libraries
Section 12.5.  Connecting to Other X Window Systems
Section 12.6.  Virtual Network Computing
    Chapter 13.  The Defaults System
Section 13.1.  Property Lists
Section 13.2.  Viewing and Editing Property Lists

Mac OS X Tiger in a Nutshell ebook free download

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Mac OS X Tiger in a Nutshell ebook free download

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