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Mac OS X The Missing Manual Panther Edition by David Pogue ebook Free Download


Mac OS X The Missing Manual Panther Edition by David Pogue ebook Free Download

Mac OS X The Missing Manual Panther Edition by David Pogue ebook Free Download

Mac OS X The Missing Manual Panther Edition by David Pogue ebook Free Download


Apple says that Mac OS X 10.3 presents 150 new components – yet that is not by any means genuine. Actually, “Jaguar” incorporates numerous more than that. It’s speedier, more cleaned, and considerably more effective. Be that as it may, regardless it comes without a manual.With 300,000 duplicates in print, the initial two renditions of this book got to be industry successes. Presently David Pogue conveys his silliness and ability to this totally revised, significantly extended release. It covers:

  • Beginning. The early sections demystify the Dock, windows, and the new Mac OS X envelope structure- – a perfect presentation.
  • New advancements. Macintosh OS X 10.3 acquires leaps forward window administration (Expose, the Sidebar); security (File Vault, Secure Empty Trash); and profitability (faxing, Fast User Switching).
  • Reward programming. Puma accompanies more than 50 free projects – and this book gives you mastery in every one of them. This bulked up release incorporates all-new smaller than usual manuals on iMovie, iDVD, iPhoto, iChat AV, and Safari.
  • Nuts and bolts of Unix. You can totally disregard Panther’s Unix center. In any case, if the charge line interests you, this book offers a delicate presentation.
  • Discovering recognizable elements. Two “Where’d It Go?” Dictionaries make it simple for Mac OS 9 and Windows displaced people to gaze upward a customary element – and discover where it went in Mac OS X 10.3.

As usual, Mac OS X: The Missing Manual offers warm, witty written work, and overflows with the easy routes, shocks, and outline touches that make the Mac the most energetically championed PC on the planet.


The Mac OS X Desktop

Part 1 Folders and Windows

  • Getting into Mac OS X
  • Windows and How to Work Them
  • The Three Window Views
  • Symbol View
  • List View
  • Segment View
  • Logging Out, Shutting Down
  • Getting Help in Mac OS X

Part 2 Organizing Your Stuff

  • The Mac OS X Folder Structure
  • Symbol Names
  • Selecting Icons
  • Moving and Copying Icons
  • Monikers: Icons in Two Places on the double
  • Shading Labels
  • The Trash
  • Get Info
  • Discovering Files 1: The Search Bar
  • Discovering Files 2: The Find Window

Part 3 Dock, Desktop, and Toolbar

  • The Dock
  • Setting Up the Dock
  • Utilizing the Dock
  • The Finder Toolbar
  • Outlining Your Desktop
  • Menulets: The Missing Manual
  • Applications in Mac OS X

Part 4 Programs and Documents

  • Dispatching Mac OS X Programs
  • The “Heads-Up” Program Switcher
  • Confession: Death to Window Clutter
  • Concealing Programs the Old-Fashioned Way
  • How Documents Know Their Parents
  • Console Control
  • The Save and Open Dialog Boxes
  • Three Kinds of Programs: Cocoa, Carbon, Classic
  • The Cocoa Difference
  • Introducing Mac OS X Programs

Part 5 Back to Mac OS 9

  • Two Roads to Mac OS 9
  • Great: Mac OS 9 on Mac OS X
  • Restarting in Mac OS 9
  • Three Tricks for Faster Switching

Part 6 Moving Data

  • Moving Data Between Documents
  • Trading Data with Other Macs
  • Trading Data with Windows PCs

Part 7 AppleScript

  • Running Ready-Made AppleScripts
  • Making Your Own AppleScripts
  • Recording Scripts in “Watch Me” Mode
  • Sparing a Script
  • Composing Commands by Hand
  • Envelope Actions
  • Progressed AppleScript
  • The Components of Mac OS X

Part 8 System Preferences

  • The System Preferences Window
  • .Macintosh
  • Accounts
  • Appearance
  • Bluetooth
  • Albums and DVDs
  • Great
  • Date and Time
  • Desktop and Screen Saver
  • Shows
  • Dock
  • Vitality Saver
  • Confession
  • Global

Part 9 The Free Programs

  • Your Free Mac OS X Programs
  • Address Book
  • AppleScript
  • Adding machine
  • Chess
  • DVD Player
  • Text style Book
  • iCal, iChat, iSync
  • iDVD 3

Part 12 Networking

  • Wiring the Network
  • Record Sharing
  • Organizing with Windows
  • Overseeing Groups
  • Dialing In from the Road
  • Forgettable Passwords: The Keychain

Part 13 Printing, Faxing, Fonts, and Graphics

  • Macintosh Meets Printer
  • Making the Printout
  • Overseeing Printouts

About Author:

David Pogue, Yale ’85, is the individual innovation journalist for the New York Times. With about 3 million books in print, he is likewise one of the world’s top of the line how-to writers, having composed or co-composed seven books in the “for Dummies” arrangement (counting Macs, Magic, Opera, and Classical Music), alongside a few PC amusingness books and a technothriller, “Hard Drive” (a New York Times “remarkable book of the year”). Pogue is additionally the maker and essential writer of the Missing Manual arrangement of complete, interesting PC books, a joint endeavor with O’Reilly and Associates.

Mac OS X The Missing Manual Panther Edition by David Pogue ebook Free Download


Mac OS X The Missing Manual Panther Edition by David Pogue ebook Free Download

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