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Logo Design: Creative Path to Effective Branding Free Ebook


Logo Design: Creative Path to Effective Branding Free Ebook

It is not a secret that people are mostly visual creatures. They are often driven by what they see faster than by any other way of per-ception. That is why an efficient visual sign is so important to make a company, brand or service recognized quickly and remembered for a long time. Investigations of the way to prosperity and fame of the most successful businesses will inevitably prove how vital it is to choose the good representative sign which is well-known as logo and which is always the basis of the whole branding strategy.

Branding, in general terms, is never about just visual perception or verbal message. Branding is about the whole image people get hearing the name of a company or seeing its brand identity signs. So, designing the signs and symbols which make a brand original, easily seen and transferring the appropriate message is a job of a great responsibility. In Tubik Blog, we have already published nu-merous case studies showing the process of logo creation in details and also provided deeper considerations on correlations of brand-ing and user interface design.

The previous book Design for Business, which we recently present-ed, was devoted to the topic of problem-solving and goal-centered design. Grounded on the ideas, strategies and tips, offered in it, this issue will add more practice and unveil the creative process for logo design productively applied here in Tubik Studio.

Hopefully, it will be useful to build successful and productive strate-gies both for designers working in the field of branding and business people wishing to get more about design techniques and their im-pact on business processes.

Logo Design: Creative Path to Effective Branding Free Ebook

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