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Learning Laravel 4 Application Development Hardik Dangar



Learning Laravel 4 Application Development Hardik Dangar



Learning Laravel 4 Application Development Hardik Dangar


This book is about Laravel 4 and its peculiarities, and how to utilize them as a part of

genuine undertakings.

This book will walk you through each and every step you have to learn as a fledgling

to create Laravel applications with task illustrations for each. I have utilized a

true venture that I have grown in Laravel 4 for one of my customers as

a specimen venture to help you experience every procedure of undertaking improvement

in Laravel 4.

This book covers mostof the things you should know when you are developing a
project in Laravel 4.


What this book covers
Chapter 1, Welcome to the World of Laravel, introduces the basic MVC concepts and
Laravel 4 to you and explains why you should develop your next project in Laravel 4.
Chapter 2, Let’s Begin the Journey, explains how to install Laravel 4 and the configuration
settings you may need to change.
Chapter 3, Creating a Simple CRUD Application in Hours
Chapter 4, Building a Real-life Application with Laravel 4 
Chapter 5, Creating a Cart Package for Our Application
Chapter 6, User Management and Payment Gateway Integration.
Chapter 7, The Admin Section, explains how to build the administration area of our
Chapter 8, Building a RESTful API with Laravel
create RESTful applications with Laravel and also how to build an Ajax-powered.
Chapter 9, Optimizing and Securing Our Applications.
Chapter 10, Deploying Laravel Applications, explains how to deploy Laravel
Chapter 11, Creating a Workflow and Useful Laravel Packages and Tools.


Learning Laravel 4 Application Development Hardik Dangar



Learning Laravel 4 Application Development Hardik Dangar

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