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IOS 7 Programming Pushing the limits eBook Free Download


IOS 7 Programming Pushing the limits eBook Free Download


IOS 7 Programming Pushing the limits eBook Free Download

IOS 7 Programming Pushing the limits eBook Free Download

Develop Advance Applications for Apple iphone,ipad and ipod touch.


Get prepared to make executioner applications for iPad and iPhone on the new iOS 7!

With Apple’s presentation of iOS 7, interest for engineers who know the new iOS will be high. You require top to bottom data about the new attributes and capacities of iOS 7, and that is the thing that you’ll discover in this book. In the event that you have involvement with C or C++, this aide will demonstrate to you best practices to make astonishing applications for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You’ll additionally figure out how to amplify your projects for cell phones utilizing iPhone SDK 7.0. Propelled points, for example, security administrations, running on various iPlatforms, and nearby systems administration with Core Bluetooth are additionally secured.

  • Gets ready experienced engineers to make incredible applications for the most current variant of Apple’s iOS
  • Completely covers the genuine capacities of iOS 7; data you require with a specific end goal to make your applications emerge
  • Digs into cutting edge themes including how to control multitasking, security administrations, running applications on various iPlatforms and iDevices, empowering in-application buys, propelled content format, and building a center establishment
  • Additionally covers REST, progressed GCD, internationalization and limitation, and nearby systems administration with Core Bluetooth

iOS 7 Programming: Pushing the Limits will help you create applications that exploit everything iOS 7 brings to the table.


About thr Author:

Ransack Napier is a manufacturer of tree houses, explorer, and glad father. He started producing for the Mac in 2005, and picked up iPhone improvement when the first SDK was discharged, chipping away at items, for example, The Daily, PandoraBoy, and Cisco Mobile. He is a noteworthy giver to Stack Overflow and keeps up the Cocoaphony blog (cocoaphony.com).

Mugunth Kumar is an autonomous iOS engineer situated in Singapore. He graduated in 2009 and holds a Aces degree from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, majoring in Information Systems. He composes about versatile improvement, programming ease of use, and iOS-related instructional exercises on his online journal (blog.mugunthkumar.com). Preceding iOS improvement he worked for Fortune 500 organizations GE and Honeywell as a product expert on Windows and .NET stages. His center ranges of interest incorporate programming strategies (Article Oriented and Functional), versatile advancement and ease of use building. In the event that he were not coding, he would presumably be found at some extraordinary spot catching grand photographs of Mother Nature.


List of chapters:

Presentation 1

Part I What’s New? 7

Part 1 The Brand New Stuff 9

Part 2 The World Is Flat: New UI Paradigms 21

Part II Getting the Most Out of Everyday Tools 33

Part 3 You May Not Know 35

Part 4 Storyboards and Custom Transitions 47

Part 5 Get a Handle on Collection Views 57

Part 6 Stay in Bounds with Auto Layout 77

Part 7 Better Custom Drawing 91

Part 8 Layers Like an Onion: Core Animation 115

Part 9 Two Things without a moment’s delay: Multitasking 137

Part III The Right Tool for the Job 149

Part 10 Building a (Core) Foundation 151

Part 11 Behind the Scenes: Background Processing 169

Part 12 REST for the Weary 187

Part 13 Getting More Out of Your Bluetooth Devices 225

Part 14 Batten the Hatches with Security Services 239

Part 15 Running on Multiple iPlatforms, iDevices, and 64-bit Architectures 263

Part 16 Reach the World: Internationalization and Localization 283

Part 17 Those Pesky Bugs: Debugging 293

Part 18 Performance Tuning Until It Flies 315

Part IV Pushing the Limits 333

Part 19 Almost Physics: UIKit Dynamics 335

Part 20 Fantastic Custom Transitions 353

Part 21 Fancy Text Layout 363

Part 22 Cocoa’s Biggest Trick: Key-Value Coding and Observing 395

Part 23 Beyond Queues: Advanced GCD 409

Part 24 Deep Objective-C 425

Rundown 447

Further Reading 447

Apple Documentation 447

Different Resources 448

File 449

IOS 7 Programming Pushing the limits eBook Free Download


IOS 7 Programming Pushing the limits eBook Free Download

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