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Introduction to Windows Containers ebook free download


Introduction to Windows Containers ebook free download


As a result of Microsoft’s strong strategic partnership with Docke the de facto standard in container management software enterprises can minimize the time required to onboard and run Windows Containers. Docker presents a single API surface and standardizes tooling for working across public and private container solutions as well as Linux and Windows Container deployments. This is the next phase in IT evolution in which a direct replatform of code cannot be achieved and truly begins to bring the power of the cloud to any enterprise. Introduction to Windows Containers begins the journey to containers by giving you an in-depth introduction into what they are and the technology that surrounds and powers them.

Topics included: Containers 101 • Docker 101 • Deep dive: host deployment • Deep dive: working with containers • Deep dive: containerizing your application.

Book Details

Author(s): John McCabe, Michael Friis
Format(s): PDF
File size: 7.08 MB
Number of pages: 83
Download / View Link(s): Download 

Introduction to Windows Containers ebook free download

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