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Humanoid Robots Human-like Machines Download Free Book


Humanoid Robots Human-like Machines Download Free Book


Humanoid Robots Human-like Machines Download Free Book

In this free book the variety of humanoid robotic research can be obtained. This book is divided in four parts: Hardware Development: Components and Systems, Biped Motion: Walking, Running and Self-orientation, Sensing the Environment: Acquisition, Data Processing and Control and Mind Organisation: Learning and Interaction.


The first part of the book deals with remarkable hardware developments, whereby complete humanoid robotic systems are as well described as partial solutions. In the second part diverse results around the biped motion of humanoid robots are presented. The autonomous, efficient and adaptive two-legged walking is one of the main challenge in humanoid robotics. The two-legged walking will enable humanoid robots to enter our environment without rearrangement. Developments in the field of visual sensors, data acquisition, processing and control are to be observed in third part of the book. In the fourth part some “mind building” and communication technologies are presented.

Table of Contents

  • Design of an Assistive Gait Device for Strength Endurance and Rehabilitation
  • Towards an Interactive Humanoid Companion with Visual Tracking Modalities
  • Methods for Environment Recognition Based on Active Behaviour Selection and Simple Sensor History
  • Simulation Study on Acquisition Process of Locomotion by Using an Infant Robot
  • Visual Attention and Distributed Processing of Visual Information for the Control of Humanoid Robots
  • Visual Guided Approach-to-Grasp for Humanoid Robots
  • Dexterous Humanoid Whole-Body Manipulation by Pivoting
  • Imitation Learning Based Talking Heads in Humanoid Robotics
  • Bilinear Time Delay Neural Network System for Humanoid Robot Software
  • Robot Learning by Active Imitation
  • Affective Communication Model with Multimodality for Humanoids
  • Communication Robots in Real Environments
  • Neural Control of Actions Involving Different Coordinate Systems
  • Towards Tutoring an Interactive Robot
  • Intuitive Multimodal Interaction with Communication Robot Fritz
  • Generating Natural Motion in an Android by Mapping Human Motion
  • Bipedal Walking Pattern Design by Synchronizing the Motions in the Sagittal and Lateral Planes
  • Mixed Logic Dynamical Modeling and On Line Optimal Control of Biped Robot
  • A Novel Anthropomorphic Robot Hand and its Master Slave System
  • Development of Biped Humanoid Robots at the Humanoid Robot Research Center, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
  • Multipurpose Low-Cost Humanoid Platform and Modular Control Software Development
  • Artificial Muscles for Humanoid Robots
  • Development of a CORBA-based Humanoid Robot and its Applications
  • Stability Analysis of a Simple Active Biped Robot with a Torso on Level Ground Based on Passive Walking Mechanisms
  • Inertial Forces Posture Control for Humanoid Robots Locomotion
  • Towards Adaptive Control Strategy for Biped Robots
  • Reinforcement Learning of Stable Trajectory for Quasi-Passive Dynamic Walking of an Unstable Biped Robot
  • An Adaptive Biped Gait Generation Scheme Utilizing Characteristics of Various Gaits
  • Momentum Compensation for the Fast Dynamic Walk of Humanoids Based on the Pelvic Rotation of Contact Sport Athletes
  • Vision-based Motion Control of a Biped Robot Using 2 DOF Gaze Control Structure
  • Limit Cycle Walking
  • A Human-Like Approach to Footstep Planning
  • Hierarchical Reactive Control for Soccer Playing Humanoid Robots

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Humanoid Robots Human-like Machines Download Free Book

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