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Hello Python Anthony Briggs ebook pdf free download


Hello Python Anthony Briggs ebook pdf free download

Hello Python Anthony Briggs ebook pdf free download

Hello Python Anthony Briggs ebook pdf free download

Python is easy:

If you compare Python to other programming languages, the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s easy to read. Python’s syntax is intended to be as clear as possible. Some features that make Python especially userfriendly include the following.
1.It avoids the use of punctuation characters like { } $ / and \ .
2.Python uses whitespace to indent lines for program control, instead of using brackets.
3.Programmers are encouraged to make their programs clear and easy to read.
4.Python supports a number of different ways to structure your programs, so you can pick the best one for the job.

Python’s developers try to do things “right,” by making programming as straightforward as possible. There have been several cases where features have been delayed (or even cancelled outright) while the core developers figured out the best way to present a particular feature. Python even has its own philosophy on how programs should look and
behave. Try typing “import this” once you have Python installed (later in the chapter).

Python is a real language:

Although Python is an easy-to-use language, it’s also a “real” language. Typically, languages come in two flavors: easy ones with training wheels, to teach people how to program; and harder ones with more features to let you get real work done. When you’re learning how to program, you have two choices:

1.Jump head first into a real language, but be prepared to be confused until you figure out the hard language.
2.Start with a beginner’s language, but be ready to throw away all of the work that you’ve done when you need a feature that it doesn’t have.

Python skips the drawbacks and manages to combine the best aspects of these approaches. It’s easy to use and learn, but as your programming skills grow, you’ll be able to continue using Python, because it’s fast and has lots of useful features. Best of all, jumping in and learning how to do things the real way is often easier than following all of the steps that you need to learn how to program “properly.”


1 Why Python? 1

2 Hunt the Wumpus 28

3 Interacting with the world 70

4 Getting organized 99

5 Business-oriented programming 143

6 Classes and object-oriented programming 181

7 Sufficiently advanced technology… 218

8 Django! 253

9 Gaming with Pyglet 288

10 Twisted networking 320

11 Django revisited! 358

12 Where to from here? 383

Hello Python Anthony Briggs ebook pdf free download

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Hello Python Anthony Briggs ebook pdf free download

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