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Download Python Multimedia Beginner Guide 2015


Download Python Multimedia  Beginner Guide 2015

Download Python Multimedia Beginner Guide 2015

Download Python Multimedia  Beginner Guide 2015

Beginner’s Guide:

Multimedia applications are used in a broad spectrum of fields. Writing applications that work with images, videos, and other sensory effects is great. Not every application gets to make full use of audio/visual effects, but a certain amount of multimedia makes any application very appealing. This book(Download Python Multimedia  Beginner Guide 2015) is all about multimedia processing using Python. This step by step guide gives you a hands-on experience with developing exciting multimedia applications. You will build applications for processing images, creating 2D animations and processing audio and video. There are numerous multimedia libraries for which Python bindings are available. These libraries enable working with different kinds of media, such as images, audio, video, games, and so on. This book introduces the reader to some of these (open source) libraries through several implausibly exciting projects. Popular multimedia frameworks and libraries, such as GStreamer, Pyglet, QT Phonon, and Python Imaging library are used to develop various multimedia applications.


Chapter 1: Python and Multimedia 7

Chapter 2: Working with Images 21

Chapter 3: Enhancing Images 55

Chapter 4: Fun with Animations 91

Chapter 5: Working with Audios 123

Chapter 6: Audio Controls and Effects 161

Chapter 7: Working with Videos 201

Chapter 8: GUI-based Media Players Using QT Phonon 237

Project: GUI-based music player 241

Download Python Multimedia  Beginner Guide 2015

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