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Download Python High Performance Programming Lanaro Gabriele


Download Python High Performance Programming  Lanaro Gabriele

Download Python High Performance Programming Lanaro Gabriele

Download Python High Performance Programming  Lanaro Gabriele


The Python interpreter can run Python programs that are saved in files, or interactively execute Python statements that are typed at the keyboard. Python comes with a program named IDLE that simplifies the process of
writing, executing, and testing programs.

In this book(Download Python High Performance Programming  Lanaro Gabriele), we will use a high-level programming language called Python, which was developed in the early 1990s by Guido van Rossum. Van Rossum needed to carry out repetitive tasks for administering computer systems. He was dissatisfied with other available languages that were optimized for writing large and fast programs. He needed to write smaller programs that didn’t have to run at optimum speed.

Installing Python:

Before you can try any of the programs shown in this book, or write any programs of your own, you need to make sure that Python is installed on your computer and properly configured. If you are working in a computer lab, this has probably been done already. If you are using your own computer, you can follow the instructions in Appendix A to install Python from the accompanying CD.

The Python Interpreter:

You learned earlier that Python is an interpreted language. When you install the Python language on your computer, one of the items that is installed is the Python interpreter. The Python interpreter is a program that can read Python programming statements and execute them. (Sometimes we will refer to the Python interpreter simply as the interpreter.) You can use the interpreter in two modes: interactive mode and script mode. In interactive mode, the interpreter waits for you to type Python statements on the keyboard. Once you type a statement, the interpreter executes it and then waits for you to type another statement. In script mode, the interpreter reads the contents of a file that contains Python statements. Such a file is known as a Python program or a Python script. The interpreter executes each statement in the Python program as it reads it.

This ebook(Download Python High Performance Programming  Lanaro Gabriele) contains these contents:


Chapter 1: Benchmarking and Profiling 7

Chapter 2: Fast Array Operations with NumPy 31

Chapter 3: C Performance with Cython 49

Chapter 4: Parallel Processing 71

Download Python High Performance Programming  Lanaro Gabriele

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Download Python High Performance Programming  Lanaro Gabriele

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