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Design for Business: 3 Free Design Magazines Free Ebook


Design for Business: 3 Free Design Magazines Free Ebook

Working on diverse design projects here in Tubik Studio, they want to share their experience with you. So they started Tubik Magazine, the collection of free ebooks based on the practical cases of UI/UX design for websites and mobile applications. Today they’re offering you a book called ‘Design for Business’ with a bunch of design tips for goal-centered design achieving business goals.

Ebook #1: Design for Business – User-friendly way to profits

Theme of efficient design achieving business goals. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in business, know what the business people talk about. First set of key business terms for designers who work for e-commerce.

Ebook #2: Logo Design – Creative path to effective branding

Theme of creative logo design for efficient branding. The book describes types of logos, creative stages and basic features of efficient branding design. Packed with various cases by Tubik Studio designers.

Ebook #3: Problem-Solving Web Design – Strategies for Efficient Websites

Theme of design for attractive user-friendly websites. The review of theory, practices and design cases for user-friendly websites and landing pages.

Design for Business: 3 Free Design Magazines Free Ebook

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