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C Pocket Reference ebook free download


C Pocket Reference ebook free download


C Pocket Reference ebook free download


C Pocket Reference
By Peter Prinz, Ulla Kirch-Prinz
Publisher : O’Reilly
Pub Date : November 2002
ISBN : 0-596-00436-2
Pages : 142


C is one of the most seasoned programming dialects and still a standout amongst the most broadly utilized. Whether you’re an accomplished C software engineer or you’re new to the dialect, you know how baffling it can be to chase through many pages in your reference books to find that bit of data on a specific capacity, sort or other grammar component. Then again far more detestable, you might not have your books with you. Your answer is the C Pocket Reference. Brief and simple to utilize, this helpful pocket manual for C is an absolute necessity have snappy reference for any C software engineer. It’s the main C reference that fits in your pocket and is a superb friend to O’Reilly’s other C books.Ideal as a presentation for fledglings and a speedy reference for cutting edge software engineers, the C Pocket Reference comprises of two sections: a minimized portrayal of the C dialect and a specifically organized reference to the standard library. The representation of the dialect depends on the ANSI standard and incorporates expansions presented in 1999. A file is incorporated to help you rapidly discover the data you need.This little book covers the accompanying:

  • C dialect essentials
  • Information sorts
  • Expressions and administrators
  • C explanations
  • Presentations
  • Capacities
  • Preprocessor orders
  • The standard library

O’Reilly’s Pocket References have turned into a most loved among developers all around. By giving an abundance of critical subtle elements in a succinct, all around sorted out organization, these convenient books convey exactly what you have to finish the current workload. When you’ve achieved a staying point in your work and need to get to an answer rapidly, the new C Pocket Reference is the book you’ll need to have.

Table of content:

Chapter 1. C Pocket Reference

Section 1.1.  Introduction

Section 1.2.  Fundamentals

Section 1.3.  Basic Types

Section 1.4.  Constants

Section 1.5.  Expressions and Operators

Section 1.6.  Type Conversions

Section 1.7.  Statements

Section 1.8.  Declarations

Section 1.9.  Variables

Section 1.10.  Derived Types

Section 1.11.  Functions

Section 1.12.  Linkage of Identifiers

Section 1.13.  Preprocessing Directives

Section 1.14.  Standard Library

Section 1.15.  Standard Header Files

Section 1.16.  Input and Output

Section 1.17.  Numerical Limits and Number Classification

Section 1.18.  Mathematical Functions

Section 1.19.  Character Classification and Case Mapping

Section 1.20.  String Handling

Section 1.21.  Searching and Sorting

Section 1.22.  Memory Block Management

Section 1.23.  Dynamic Memory Management

Section 1.24.  Time and Date

Section 1.25.  Process Control

Section 1.26.  Internationalization

C Pocket Reference ebook free download


C Pocket Reference ebook free download


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