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Automation and Robotics Download Free Book


Automation and Robotics Download Free Book

Automation and Robotics Download Free Book

In this book, a set of relevant, updated and selected papers in the field of automation and robotics are presented.

These papers describe projects where topics of artificial intelligence, modeling and simulation process, target tracking algorithms, kinematic constraints of the closed loops, non-linear control, are used in advanced and recent research.


  • Tracking Control for Multiple Trailer Systems by Adaptive Algorithmic Control
  • Enhanced Motion Control Concepts on Parallel Robots
  • Vision Guided Robot Gripping Systems
  • Closed-Loop Feedback Systems in Automation and Robotics, Adaptive and Partial Stabilization
  • Nonlinear Control Law for Nonholonomic Balancing Robot
  • Deghosting Methods for Track-Before-Detect Multitarget Multisensor Algorithms
  • Identification of Dynamic Systems & Selection of Suitable Model
  • Towards an Automated and Optimal Design of Parallel Manipulators
  • Identification of Continuous-Time Systems with Time Delays by Global Optimization Algorithms and Ant Colony Optimization
  • Linear Lyapunov Cone-Systems
  • Pneumatic Fuzzy Controller Simulation vs Practical Results for Flexible Manipulator
  • Nonlinear Control Strategies for Bioprocesses: Sliding Mode Control versus Vibrational Control
  • Sliding Mode Observers for Rotational Robotics Structures
  • A Declarative Framework for Constrained Search Problems in Manufacturing
  • Derivation and Calculation of the Dynamics of Elastic Parallel Manipulators
  • Orthonormal Basis and Radial Basis Functions in Modeling and Identification of Nonlinear Block-Oriented Systems
  • Control System of Underwater Vehicle Based on Artificial Intelligence Methods
  • Automatization of Decision Processes in Conflict Situations: Modelling, Simulation and Optimization
  • Fuzzy Knowledge Representation Using Probability Measures of Fuzzy Events
  • Multiple Multi-Objective Servo Design – Evolutionary Approach
  • Model-Based Control of a Nonlinear One Dimensional Magnetic Levitation with a Permanent-Magnet Object
  • Nonlinear Adaptive Tracking-Control Synthesis for General Linearly Parametrized Systems

Book Details

Author(s): Juan Manuel Ramos Arreguin
Publisher: I-Tech Education and Publishing
Format(s): PDF
File size: 28.57 MB
Number of pages: 388
Link: Download.

Automation and Robotics Download Free Book

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