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Assembly Language Programming with DOS and Linux 2nd Ed 2000


Assembly Language Programming with DOS and Linux 2nd Ed 2000

Assembly Language Programming with DOS and Linux 2nd Ed 2000

Assembly Language Programming with DOS and Linux 2nd Ed 2000


Table of Contents

Assembly Language Step-by-Step: Programming with DOS and Linux, Second Edition
by Jeff Duntemann ISBN:0471375233
John Wiley & Sons © 2000 (613 pages)

A “Lost World” journey into 16-bit assembler programming concepts and techniques.


The top of the line manual for low level computing construct now redesigned and extended to incorporate scope of Linux

This new release of the smash hit manual for gathering programming now covers DOS and Linux! The Second Edition starts with an exceptionally available review of the interior operations of the Intel-based PC and efficiently covers all the strides required in composing, testing, and investigating get together projects.

Master creator Jeff Duntemann then shows working illustration programs for both the DOS and Linux working frameworks utilizing the prevalent free constructing agent NASM. He likewise incorporates important data on the most proficient method to utilize strategies and macros, in addition to uncommon clarifications of get together level coding for Linux, all of which join to offer a far reaching take a gander at the complexities of gathering programming for Intel processors.

Furnishing you with the establishment to make executable low level computing construct programs, this book:

* Explains how to utilize NASM-IDE, a basic system editorial manager and get together situated improvement environment

* Details the most utilized components of the 86-family direction set

* Teaches about DEBUG, the absolute most valuable apparatus you have as a low level computing construct software engineer

* Examines the operations that machine directions constrain the CPU to perform

* Discusses the procedure of memory tending to

* Covers coding for Linux


Table of Contents

Assembly Language Step-by-Step—Programming with DOS and Linux, Second Edition
Introduction “Why Would You Want to Do That?”
Chapter 1 Another Pleasant Valley Saturday Understanding What Computers Really Do
Chapter 2 Alien Bases Getting Your Arms around Binary and Hexadecimal
Chapter 3 Lifting the Hood Discovering What Computers Actually Are
Chapter 4 The Right to Assemble The Process of Making Assembly Language Programs
Chapter 5 NASM-IDE: A Place to Stand Give me a lever long enough, and a place to stand, and I will move the Earth.
Chapter 6 An Uneasy Alliance The x86 CPU and Its Segmented Memory System
Chapter 7 Following Your Instructions Meeting Machine Instructions up Close and Personal
Chapter 8 Our Object All Sublime Creating Programs that Work
Chapter 9 Dividing and Conquering Using Procedures and Macros to Battle Complexity
Chapter 10 Bits, Flags, Branches, and Tables Easing into Mainstream Assembly Programming
Chapter 11 Stringing Them Up Those Amazing String Instructions
Chapter 12 The Programmer’s View of Linux Tools and Skills to Help You Write Assembly Code under a True 32-Bit OS
Chapter 13 Coding for Linux Applying What You’ve Learned to a True Protected Mode Operating System
Conclusion Not the End, But Only the Beginning
Appendix A Partial 8086/8088 Instruction Set Reference
Appendix B Segment Register Assumptions for Real Mode Segmented Model
Appendix C Web URLs for Assembly Programmers
Appendix D Segment Register Assumptions
Appendix E What’s on the CD-ROM?

Assembly Language Programming with DOS and Linux 2nd Ed 2000

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Assembly Language Programming with DOS and Linux 2nd Ed 2000

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